New York 8oz.

Otherwise known as the strip steak as it comes from the strip loin. This cut tends to be tender as it has medium marble throughout.

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Rib Eye 8oz.

For the experienced steak connoisseur. This cut comes from the rib and is the most marbled resulting in a very tender "flavorful" steak. The rib eye is said to be the juiciest of premium steak.

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Choose Your Temperature

Rare: Cool and red in the center.
Medium Rare: Slightly warm in the center with pale red or deep pink centre color.
Medium: Warm and pink in the center.
Medium Well: Slightly hot with a faint line of pink in the center.
Well Done: Fully cooked, hot in the center with no pink.

Choose The Size

All steaks are cut per order and are available from 8oz – 16 oz.
Upsize any of the above by adding $3/ounce.

Top It Up

Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms
6 Jumbo Shrimps
Side of Gravy
All Steaks served with Garlic Toast, Steamed Vegetables and Your Choice of Regular or Premium Sides